SGplayer/Example Uses

Desktop Embed SGplayer

Embedded Player

Offer listeners the richest experience by displaying all metadata (Artist, Song and Album cover) in the SGplayer. Fully responsive across desktop and mobile, one embed can work everywhere.

The example shown is also an SGrewind enabled SGplayer, with controls for rewind and skipping to scheduled program times.

A 3rd pane is optional for companion banner ads.

Full Page Layout

Full Page Layout

A podcast centric layout intended to be a full page either embedded or linked to from your website. Fully services live streaming, as well, with the episode listing being repurposed to show recently played metadata.

Popout Player

Popout Player

Take advantage of the SGplayer’s mobile detection by using the popout version of the SGplayer. The popout link will direct mobile listeners to the mobile version of the player and desktop listeners to the desktop version.

SGplayer video grid layout

Video Grid Layout

A video centric layout for podcasting and live feeds alike. The layout scales to the embedded area and provides a grid menu for selecting from available content.

SGplayer inline layout

Inline Layout

Minimalist interface for playback of singular audio or video sources. Responsively designed to fit the height and width of the embedded area, with source configuration available via URL.

SGplayer HLS audio playback with instream metadata support

HLS with Instream Metadata

The SGplayer is compatible with HTML5 HLS audio and video streams, with full support of embedded timed metadata.

Custom Skin Player

Custom SGplayer Skins

Support for client developed custom styling for your SGplayer or use StreamGuys professional services to create a custom player skin.

DFP Preroll

Google DFP Video Preroll

Serve video pre-rolls using SGplayer’s integration with Google DFP.