Remote Encoding Service

Remote Playout and Encoding

Rid yourself of many of the physical devices or locally managed software that are no longer necessary in the world of cloud services. Reduce your total cost of ownership and obliterate the maintenance work you suffer through; Pass the buck on to StreamGuys and let us shoulder that weight.

Check out our supported playout and encoding options below!

In addition to traditional remote playout and encoding workflows, you can pair one of our Remote Encoders with our powerful and convenient Uncompressed Reflector service. By doing so, we can land your uncompressed input signal from your studio into our cloud, encoding it to as many destinations as you need.

Suggested Packages

ENCO® DAD and Omnia

ENCO DAD is the face of automation to many of the industry’s largest radio groups and stations. If you need to operate multiple automation feeds, numerous metadata push locations, and hold the vast power of ENCO’s premier automation system at their fingertips, this is what you’ll need. Simply paired with the Omnia Z/IP Stream 9X/2 software encoder, this package puts the power of automation, signal processing, and multi-format delivery into one neat package.

Barix® Uncompressed Gateway and Omnia

This package allows you to leverage your existing studio setup to produce a high quality uncompressed signal streamed directly to our cloud. By leveraging our Uncompressed Reflector service, you can pipe an uncompressed clean feed of your studio's audio straight to our cloud. We then take that signal, perform optional digital signal processing to the feed, and then can combine that feed with any of our supported software encoders. In this workflow, we leverage the clean combined DSP and encoding of Telos Omnia’s Z/IP Stream 9X/2 software encoder to produce any number of output streams in varied formats. Supporting AAC+MP3 ICY, RTMP, and ABR HLS outputs, this Omnia encoder provides an incredibly flexible opportunity for a client who has varied delivery requirements.

RadioDJ and StreamS®

Combining StreamS’ extensive knowledge of AAC encoding with RadioDJ’s smooth to setup and flexible automation, this demonstration can show a potential client the power of simplicity merged with time-hewn expertise. StreamS’ HLS provides one of the most well timed in-stream metadata implementations on the market, proving itself time and time again for players, ad triggering, or custom application workflows. RadioDJ simplifies automation for a client with a single station need, making it simple to automate playlist generation with the power of AutoDJ and event-based triggering of actions in the automation system.

Playout Options

Enco® DAD

DAD is a complete playout solution scalable from the largest multinational television or radio broadcast application to small closed-circuit systems found in professional sports venues. DAD is a third generation software system built upon ENCO’s proven and widely accepted family of products in use at thousands of facilities worldwide.

DAD provides a platform for integrating the many sources of content flowing into today’s modern broadcast environment including news, traffic, weather, and scheduling, as well as reconciliation to billing and corporate information systems.


RadioDJ is a freely available automation and playout system used widely by many broadcasters large and small. RadioDJ allows for programmatic creation of playlists that allow you to run your stream to your liking without having to manually create them yourself. Integrated into the system is support for sending content metadata over TCP/UPD to a local encoder or even out over the Internet to any location you desire. RadioDJ gives the flexibility and power of a larger automation system while reducing some of the complexity that smaller broadcasters might not need.

Any Windows App

Take control of how you automate and control the playout of your content in our cloud offering by providing whatever software you'd like to use yourself. You will be responsible for using and maintaining the software, as StreamGuys may not be knowledgeable in the particular software you wish to use, but we open up the option to you.

Barix® Uncompressed Gateway

As an alternative to running an automation or playout system in the cloud, use of the uncompressed capabilities in the Barix Reflector service can allow sending a PCM signal from your studio into the SG cloud. Once landed, StreamGuys' remote encoder options below could be used to encode as many Internet streams as needed.

By taking advantage of this product pairing, you can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership your station has for maintaining the systems needed to encode to the Internet. No more headache of maintaining local encoders and computers; Let StreamGuys take the reins and provide full management and 24/7 support for the encoders in the cloud! One simple box from Barix, with a little help from StreamGuys, and your station can be broadcast all around the world.

Encoder Options

Omnia® Z/IPStream 9X/2

Based on the technology found in the popular Omnia.9 audio processor, 9X/2 is not simply a streaming processor-encoder, but a complete audio management system that will actually improve the flaws found in most recorded source material – both music and voice – as well as address the specific technical challenges of Internet distribution.

Supporting the encoding of both ICY and HLS live streams, the Omnia Z/IPStream 9X/2 by Telos can be your one-stop shop for encoding every format you need to reach your audience across all devices.

StreamS® Live Encoders

StreamS offers several different streaming audio encoder applications and systems to meet different professional streaming requirements. Simple streaming encoders do not have the features professional streaming demands to achieve high audio quality, digital audio clock and timestamps, metadata accuracy, content protection, security, reliability and redundancy. Metadata accuracy is important not only for a good visual experience, but for content insertion cue points and content royalty reporting, which is a serious problem.

StreamS has both HLS and Legacy encoders that can be used to stream HLS via any web server or to a media server: Icecast2, SHOUTcast, or RTMP.