Our Network

At StreamGuys we understand that a streaming service requires a premium network to reliably serve audio and video signals. That’s why we engineered our network specifically for the purpose of supporting high volume audio and video streams. Broadcasters need a network that will be up 24/7, 365 days of the year. As a company strategy we have continually invested in providing the best possible service level, taking care to grow our streaming distribution network for the benefit of quality routing.

Here is a map highlighting our major points of presence:

Geographic and Network Diversity

We balance the needs of geographic and network diversity. As a global media distributor we need to insure that people all over the world, on a wide variety of internet networks, can receive the broadcast signal. Network diversity is the defining characteristic of an improved network. Geographic diversity also plays a role, by using multiple networks and data center locations, streaming traffic can take the best possible network path to the customer. That’s why we use an extremely diverse range of network providers, from premium tier-1 bandwidth carriers to private and public peering; we combine networks to achieve a rich environment.

For geographic diversity, we maintain points of presence in key data centers around the world; Three in the US and one in each: Amsterdam, New Zealand, and Tokyo.

Network Overview

  • 34 Core IP POP's capable of delivering multiple 10GbE servive.
  • Over 900 Gigabits per second of interconnection capacity with other networks
  • 50 Gigabits per second of trans-atlantic capacity via 7 diversely routed fiber paths
  • Over 280 Gigabits per second of inter-city long-haul capacity
  • 100% native IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack network since 2003, with no tunnels or 6PE legacy infrastructure
  • More than 500 10GbE interfaces deployed network-wide
  • 100% uptime SLA

100% Network SLA Guarantee

Our network will be available to your server 100% of the time. We guarantee it. We stand by our commitment to 24/7 availability by backing it with a 100% up time Service Level Agreement. Through the design and implementation of our network, we offer the reliability, performance, and scalability required to maintain 100% uptime.

StreamGuys' global IP network provides your company with the reliability and performance needed to keep your infrastructure connected

Redundant network nodes in all Infrastructure Colocation facilities, with multiple 10 gigabit connections to both carriers and the network backbone, every facility can provide the rock solid reliability and redundancy our customers require.

Using the best technologies from Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems, the network is designed without compromise for optimal performance and availability. The Global IP Network provides service in North America, Europe and Asia. Facilitating hundreds of private peering sessions with other networks, we can deliver your data to its final destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.