Adswizz Ad Insertion

Increase Revenue Through Targeted Ad Insertion: REAL one to one targeting TODAY. Any device, any platform... all targeted, all trackable.

Spend Less Time Managing, More Time Selling: Our comprehensive Digital Advertising Monetization Platform provides you with every tool you need to seamlessly implement and manage your entire advertising campaign, including cross platform buys.

Traffic your website banners, video pre-roll and audio pre and mid roll in one easy dashboard. One stop management and reporting dashboards saves you time and headaches.

Ad Insertion Solution

Our server-side and client-side software manages the precise ad insertion into digital audio streams. AIS supports all features available in the Ad Management Solution, our web application which enables the trafficking and managing of campaigns.

Key features:

  • Compatible with standard streaming technologies: Icecast, Shoutcast Wowza, and HLS
  • Supports several ad break detection mechanisms such as Meta-Data, sub-audible beeps and Cue points
  • The Server-side solution works with all major players: Flash, iOS, Android, iTunes and Winamp
  • Covers all ad formats such as Audio, Video, Display, Player take-overs
  • Covers all types of inventory such as pre-roll, in-stream, podcast and on-demand
  • Allows "user-level" targeting based on device, geo-location, user profile or any other available attribute
  • Enables sophisticated reporting and tracking features including 3rd party tracking and post-listening behavioral tracking
  • Dynamic inventory forecasting based on booked campaigns.

Adswizz On Demand

AOD offers enhanced monetization feature, which enables you to monetize your podcast using any device in a seamless way. AOD is composed of 2 components:

  • AIS Media Server, responsible for serving files and for ad injection
  • LogsUp(log rotation and log upload to Adswizz for monitoring and debugging)

Audience Analytics Solution

Our AudioMetrix web application provides real-time and detailed analytics on digital audiences!

Key Features:

  • Real-time audience geo-location down to the street level
  • Real-time audience breakdown by device type
  • Historical view of standard metrics such as AQH, TLH, Active Sessions, etc.
  • Customizable reports on all audience analystics