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Live streaming is a lot different than standard CDN delivery, and comes with its own set of challenges. Choose a provider that understands the needs of live streaming at their core. Check out our testimonials or ask a friend about StreamGuys tech support and white glove customer service. Our reputation precedes us!

High Availability CDN

StreamGuys offers redundant signal flows to prevent a single point of failure from taking down your streams.


Our full suite of reporting tools (SGmon and SGreports) provide IAB2.0 compliant stats, royalty reports and other usage metrics.


Stay on top of your stream’s health with SGalerts, Silence Detection, and SGmetadata alerting.


SGplayer makes sure your audience can tune in from all devices and browsers


Use our RevenueStream or our ad-insertion integrations to GET PAID


Automatically record, archive, caption, and rebroadcast your live stream with SGrecast

Leverage our Expertise.

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