WFUV Boosts Podcasting Efficiency and Creative Freedom with StreamGuys’ SGrecast Platform

Posted in Interviews, SaaS on Jun 07, 2022

WFUV and StreamGuys, long-time partners in the live streaming service industry, have paired up once again to bring listeners the content they are looking for. WFUV is an independent New York City radio station operating out of Fordham University.

StreamGuys' innovative platform has gone above and beyond WFUV's podcasting ambitions. "We were slow to join the podcasting game, but we knew we needed to ramp up our podcast presence," said Jim O'Hara, associate director of technical operations at WFUV.

"SGrecast is the perfect platform to enable us to do that. We don't have an extensive technical staff, but users don't need to be technical to use the system. Our news and sports staff are mostly students at the university. They can just go into SGrecast, create a new podcast on the fly, and upload some episodes. They'll have a brand new podcast up and running in minutes, without needing oversight or interaction from our technical staff."

The innovation goes far beyond just improving the technical team's access to valuable resources. SGrecast has also helped all WFUV departments enjoy increased efficiency, creativity, and independence. No longer do departments have to stifle their creativity or get bogged down as they introduce new ideas. Instead, each department can submit new ideas, implement them rapidly, and get them to the listener without delays, technical or otherwise.

SGrecast has even improved the automation process of on-demand and archived programs. Now, as soon as the live stream goes out, it is instantly recorded, turned into an audio file, and put up for listeners to listen to on-demand. There are no technical delays, or hiccups in either recording, archiving, or broadcasting of all of these live streams. Listeners no longer have to worry about missing shows, and instead, they can catch up at their leisure.

One of the most significant benefits of StreamGuys' SGrecast solutions is the exceptional support and communication that comes part and parcel with the technical side of things. The two teams are kindred spirits who share a passion for making unique, creative content that delivers actual results to real people. StreamGuys and WFUV intend to serve quality content to their unique audience with a world-class production value.

As WFUV's podcast and live streaming services grow, you can bet that SGrecast and the StreamGuys will be by their side. No matter the problem, StreamGuys has a solution for it. For more information on StreamGuys and any of our services, visit our services section here!

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