Top Tricks when Displaying Ads in Streaming Content

Posted on Aug 12, 2022

Streaming content has taken the world by storm! Whether it’s uploading premade audio/video content or more dynamic content such as live streaming. Almost every corner of the internet is embracing content streaming as the new way of interacting with their communities and creating unique content for business and personal use. The best part is that content creators and advertisement creators alike can monetize streamed content.

This begs the question: what is the best way to show ads in content streams?

There are a lot of neat tricks you can use when it comes to stepping up your ad game. Before diving into that, we first have to cover how ads usually appear on streamed media.

Types of Ads

There are three main types of advertisements that can show up on streaming content.

Linear Video Ads are ads that find themselves within the flow of the video, occurring before, in the middle of, or after a stream. Like television commercials, these types of ads momentarily insert themselves in between shows or programs and then resume them once they’re done. For those who watch Youtube videos regularly, you know that content creators often utilize these types of ads.

Another ad type is the Non-linear Video Ad. Unlike Linear Video Ads, Non-linear Video Ads don’t interfere with the flow of the playing content. These ads tend to appear while the main streamed content is playing. They run concurrently with the main content so that users see both the ad and content simultaneously. This concurrency sometimes causes some parts of the main content to be obstructed, but these ads are pretty easy to exit. These ads can be as simple as just showing text with a URL, but they can also be graphically complex and even animated. Youtube creators also utilize these types of ads.

Finally, another popular ad type is the Companion Video Ad. These are ads you can see outside the main streaming content’s viewing panel, visually wrapping the stream’s user interface. These ads come in various shapes and sizes and tend to change with the streamed content. They can be paired with Linear Video Ads and Non-linear Video Ads, or they can simply show the video's main sponsor.

Tips and Tricks to use When Showing Ads

No matter which types of ads you choose to display alongside streamed content, the techniques you employ to tackle ads matter. The following are some tips you can utilize to make more effective ads for streamed content and media. Use a lot of Voice Over and Music Voiceovers and narrations coupled with music that matches the mood and tone of the advertisement or script tend to garner more attention, and most of the time even clicks, than text-only ads when it comes to ads for streamed content. If you’re opting for voiceovers, make sure the audio quality of the recording is clear and understandable. Logos are Eye-catching Always incorporate your logo in your video ads. Make them noticeable, and show them at once– even just subtly at first. Your logos are your visual identifier, which means that whatever you place your logo on will be visually associated with you– sometimes subconsciously. Logos are a vital part of your branding.


Make sure your ads target your intended audience! Most video platforms have tools you can use to ensure that you’re advertising to the right people. For example, Google has recently integrated utilizing a user’s search history as a factor in Youtube’s ad-targeting. It’s always best to look at a platform’s ad capabilities.

Always include a CTA

Your CTA or Call to Action should be the clearest message you have on your ad. Most ads successfully capture their viewer’s attention but lose them because they don’t tell their viewers to do a specific action. They saw your ad, now what? The CTA tells your viewers that they can still subscribe by saying “Subscribe Now” or that there’s a free trial waiting for them when they see “Get Your Free Trial Today”.

Utilize Discovery Ads

On platforms like Youtube, front-page videos and search results are handled by algorithms, and it is your job to get on their good side. Paying to have ads of your content displayed as a search result for specific keywords is a good way to nudge people to your content, especially if these search keywords have high traffic. Attention-grabbing Skippable Ads If you’re opting for skippable linear ads, you’d better be able to wow the audience in the first five seconds. An interesting and entertaining script, relatable content, amazing visuals, and audio are bound to keep your audience from skipping your ad!

Ad Placement Matters!

If you’re the one placing ads on content, this one’s for you. Whether on a podcast or a video, the timestamp where you place your ad matters. If you’re using Linear Ads, you don’t want to cut off a stream unnaturally. With Non-linear ads, it’s best to think of when not to distract the viewer from the main content.

There Are Streaming Experts Out There

Ads and video streaming are a huge part of the present. Still, those that specialize in creating content shouldn’t spend all their valuable time having to dissect platform after platform, trend after trend, so that they can effectively push their content out for all the world to see!

This is why exceptional teams like StreamGuys exist. StreamGuys offers media streaming and podcast solutions for businesses– and we do it with the utmost ease. See what we can offer you today! Contact us to see how we can help you seamlessly transform the quality of your streamed media content and the processes it takes to develop and publish them.

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