Inside Look at Emerging Tech from NAB Show 2022

Posted in Technology on May 11, 2022

Following a two-year hiatus, NAB Show 2022 returned as an in-person event in Las Vegas. The show from the National Association of Broadcasters is where enterprise media gets the top news for emerging tech in the industry since 1991. With two years between shows, all exhibitors were eager to get back into the public eye with their recent advancements. Similarly, attendees were keen to see new tech emerging from other industry experts. Show producers announced that the preliminary registered attendance was 52,468 during April 23 – 27, with 155 countries represented.

Many exhibitors centered their advancements in machine learning, virtual production, and of course, the cloud. AI and super high-resolution cameras were also top themes for products featured this year. Due to the progressively online nature of launches and immediacy of needed innovations, active broadcasters already had familiarity with some developments presented. However, the partnerships, connections, and wholly unexpected new emerging tech wowed attendees of this return NAB show since 2019.

Some Highlights from Top Emerging Tech Providers:

StreamGuys Present Ad Insertion and ULLS

Along with other innovations and updates, StreamGuys showcased their server-side Ad Insertion and Ultra-Low Latency Video streaming. These two services are some of the most sought-after in the broadcasting partner market.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Monetization is a huge factor for broadcasters, but with all the moving parts of media development, it is also a huge challenge to focus on. Having complete control over ad insertion is a powerful tool for monetization for all media enterprises. Increase visibility and engagement with the target audience by directing campaigns towards specific users and defining attributes by device, geo-location, or any other available categories. With theAdswizz partnership, StreamGuys integrates emerging tech in automation, metadata collection, and cloud software to help broadcasters control which ads go where easily.

Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming

Setting the pace for standards in ULLS, StreamGuys consistently provides sub-second latency in video streaming for multiple enterprise-level media broadcasters. Video streaming through association with SRT Alliance allows broadcasters to provide reliable high-quality content available anywhere on the internet. Using updated HLS protocols modernizes video streaming for all browsers and devices. StreamGuys is the top name in ultra-low latency video streaming for enterprise broadcasters. Learn more about live streaming protocols here.

ENCO Previewed enCaption 5

The new enCaption 5 solution has been completely rewritten from the ground up, which allows for a cloud-native deployment. This emerging tech revision is a massive upgrade from the previous edition. Companies that already integrate enCaption on the cloud can look forward to even easier deployment. The most exciting feature in this release is the new API, which will allow for more seamless integration. Partnered with StreamGuys’ SGrecast solution, this API provides efficient unification of programs and further ease of use.

Wheatstone’s New Layers wins Best of Show

The new product’s win, Layers, generated plenty of buzz for the company and brought attention to their other audio production projects. Layers decouples mixing, audio processing, and encoding from traditional dedicated hardware. Lessening what used to be multiple pieces of dedicated hardware into a virtual studio in a box, will allow for greater broadcast mobility. Exciting news for broadcasters operating with a mainly digital workspace. The virtual nature of Layers allows processes to run on the cloud.

Telos Alliance wins two Best in Market

Continuing to drive innovation with their containerized offerings, Telos won two awards at the NAB Show 2022. Radio World’s best in market award went to Telos’ Axia iQs AES67 Mixing Console Software. Telos also gained another Best in Market from Sound & Video Contractor for their Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP). VIP delivers sophisticated comms virtually and makes cloud-based workflows available on any device.


NAB Show is the world’s largest annual convention for broadcasters and the broader media, entertainment, and technology industries. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms, it is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways. NAB Show marks the launch of many emerging tech software, companies, and new partnership opportunities.

During the exhibition at the NAB Show StreamGuys fielded discussions regarding their integrations with emergent automated technologies in broadcasting, and were happy to make connections. To discuss the trajectory of your business’ stream management, cloud integrations, and broadcast monetization connect with StreamGuys today.

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