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Podcast Hosting

Reliably deliver your podcasts over the StreamGuys CDN. Manage all of your podcasts from one dashboard with SGrecast, a user interface for managing your content, your ad-insertion, and your publishing.

Automated Podcast Creation

Automatically record your live broadcasts in the cloud. SGrecast automatically turns them into podcasts that can be heard anywhere from iTunes to Alexa.

Publishing and Sharing

Easily create embeddable web players for your podcast or archive. Convert audio clips to video, add captions and waveforms, then share on social media from SGrecast.

Editing and Clipping

Easily trim your podcast or remove silence using our audio waveform editor. Publish highlights in a jiffy - perfect for sports podcasters.


Visually tag your podcast’s waveform to insert pre, mid and post roll ads. Easily select the old ad breaks for replacement with new ads.


Review your IAB 2.0 and Podcast Working Group compliant analytics with SGreports.

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