StreamGuys is proud to offer a whole suite of tools for streaming media ad insertion and monetization through our partner, Adswizz.

AdsWizz is an innovative technology provider of on-line audio and video advertising solutions with offices in California and Europe. AdsWizz is gradually becoming the leading global advertising solution provider to the on-line audio and radio industries. AdsWizz' customers are leading online ad-sale houses, publishers, music platforms and advertisers.

AdsWizz's Ad Insertion service is an extensible Adserving platform that enables publishers of web radio and video to generate revenue from their content. This highly flexible service supports pre and mid-roll sequencing of advertisements with live and on-demand audio and video. Ad managers can target campaigns to users with specific characteristics that provide high value to the advertiser and high revenue for the broadcaster. Comprehensive live data and advertising affidavits demonstrate the effectiveness of this valuable service.

AdsWizz's AudioMetrix statistics service provides broadcasters with radio-centric statistics that can help guide programming and advertising decision making.

AUDIO Ad Insertion

  • Trusted:The AdsWizz Audio Advertiser platform has global presence and is one of the most popular technologies for radio publishers and music platforms to monetize their contents.
  • High ROI:The AdsWizz Advertising technology unleashes the power of one-to-one marketing and is able to target audiences based on location (region/city), context and/or individual listener profile.
  • All content:The AdsWizz Advertising platform helps Publishers create large advertising inventories on any kind of content such as: live streams, simulcast streams, podcasts, catch-up & on-demand thus creating higher revenue opportunities.
  • All devices:The Adswizz Audio Advertiser technology engages listeners regardless of their end-devices: website players, Smartphones apps, iTunes™, Winamp media player™.
  • Agency-centric:The AdsWizz audio advertiser technology makes it easy for media agencies to take it to the next level in terms of cross-media campaigns and manages audio, video, display ads with easy performance tracking.

VIDEO Ad Insertion

  • Any video content:Consumers are everywhere and more mobile than ever. With AdsWizz you can monetize on any device: web players, mobile devices, connected TV, tablets...
  • HIGH ROI:AdsWizz provides a number of special ad formats to increase the impact and effectiveness of campaigns. More effective campaigns translate into higher value for advertisers and better returns for publishers and ad-networks.
  • Easy integration:AdsWizz is already integrated with popular open source and commercial video players. It can be easily integrated with any custom video player. AdsWizz has proven experience in helping ad networks to integrate with large volume of publishers.
  • Great insights:Enhanced measurements enables you to gain new insights into the reach and effectiveness of a campaign. Adswizz can also work with 3rd party rating agencies such as Alenty and AdSafe to provide independent measurements and brand value protection.
  • Market compliant:With AdsWizz you can be confident that your technology and services adhere to common industry standards. Go for the most interoperable solution on the market and maximize your revenues.

AudioMetrix: Reporting Solution

  • Agency Centric:Audiometrix delivers clear metrics and reports that effectively assist your ad sales pitch.
  • Insightful:Audiometrix enables you to understand your audience and how your listeners consume content. Audiometrix is your definitive companion to build your media kits.
  • Complete:Audiometrix tracks all listeners regardless of their end devices: website players, Smartphones apps, iTunes™, Winamp media player™. Audiometrix is the only solution to offer a total device independent measurement.
  • Easy to Use:Audiometrix provides intuitive user interface and easy access to useful reports, charts and performance indicators.
  • Independant and Secure:Adswizz Audiometrix provides trusted and neutral measurement for a broad market acceptance.