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Instantly convert your podcasts into a 24/7 Internet radio stream to reach millions more online listeners!

Each month, 155 million Americans listen to Internet radio compared to 57 million Americans who listen to podcasts each month. Podcast2Radio converts your three most recent podcasts into a 24/7 Internet radio stream that can be widely distributed.

The benefit of converting your podcast into an Internet radio station is added exposure of your podcast to a larger audience already engaged in online audio.

Your stream can be submitted to TuneIn, iHeart Radio, iTunes Internet Radio Directory, Apple TV, Sonos, SHOUTcast, Aha Radio, Xbox One, Android devices, Kindle Fire devices, and Bose.(placement not guaranteed*)

Streaming provides new statistics to podcasters about how your audience is listening, where they are coming from, as well as how much of your content they are listening to.

Curate your Podcast2Radio streams by creating a ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Best of’ stream. Simply create a new podcast category with the podcasts of your choosing and purchase the Podcast2Radio service.

The Podcast2Radio embeddable HTML5 player allows your stream to be easily placed on websites, further increasing your exposure. Website owners in your niche will benefit from the audio content, which keeps visitors on their site longer.

Customer Highlight: Discerning Hearts

Discerning Hearts Podcast Stream Player from Podcast2Radio

Discerning Hearts has been successfully using Podcast2Radio to increase engagement on their website. Their player is embedded on their home page, delivering the three most recent podcast episodes as a single live stream to visitors. Increase engagement on your own website by embedding the HTML5 player that comes with Podcast2Radio on your homepage.

Your podcasts, streamed here.

The Benefits of Leveraging Podcast2Radio

24/7 Streaming

  • Playlist Archives
  • Network Streams
  • "Best Of" Stream
  • Last three episodes updated daily
  • One-click playback

Killer Analytics

  • Geo-tracking
  • Total listening time
  • Platform Stats
  • Number of Listeners
  • Stats Dashboard

Wide Distribution

  • Internet Radio Directories
  • In-Home Audio
  • In-Car Audio

iTunes and AppleTV

iTunes hosts a highly active Internet radio directory with millions of listeners. Your podcast will be listed in the directory, streaming 24/7.


Reach Android users and get daily stats on who is listening, where and when. Up-sell your current sponsors.

HTML5 Players

  • Mobile Web Players
  • Desktop Players
  • Social Media Players

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