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Adswizz Ad Insertion

Increase revenue through targeted server-side ad insertion. Target campaigns to users with specific characteristics (device, geo-location, user profile, or any other available attribute) that provide high value to the advertiser and high revenue for the publisher.

Spend Less Time Managing, More Time Selling: The comprehensive Digital Advertising Monetization Platform provides you with every tool you need to seamlessly implement and manage your entire advertising campaign, including cross platform buys.

Traffic your website banners, video pre-roll and audio pre and mid roll in one easy dashboard.

Podcast Monetization

Adswizz On-Demand offers enhanced monetization, which enables you to monetize your podcast using any device in a seamless way. On-demand monetization is powered by AIS Media Server, responsible for serving files and ads.

Live Stream Monetization

Server-side and client-side software manages the precise ad insertion into digital audio streams. Adswizz's Ad Insertion Solution supports all features available in the Ad Management Solution, the web application which enables the trafficking and managing of campaigns.

Key features:

  • Compatible with standard streaming technologies: Icecast, Shoutcast, Wowza, and HLS
  • Target in and out of market campaigns for maximizing ad revenues
  • Supports ad formats such as Audio, Video, Display, and Player take-overs
  • Covers all types of inventory such as pre-roll, in-stream, podcast and on-demand
  • Enables sophisticated reporting and tracking features including 3rd party tracking and post-listening behavioral tracking
  • Dynamic inventory forecasting based on booked campaigns
  • Sell your inventory - Adswizz AdWave is a global ad exchange specializing in digital audio advertising. AdWave connects publishers’ inventory to multiple sources of demand selected, managed and optimized by AdsWizz

Google DoubleClick For Publishers

Using your Google DFP account, SGplayer implements client-side insertion of VAST video pre-rolls and displays banner ads. This new feature creates a flexible monetization option, especially if you are using Google DFP for other monetization initiatives.

Don’t worry if your advertising partners have a shortage of ads, DFP is fully integrated with DoubleClick Ad Exchange, giving you instant connection to millions of Google AdWords advertisers, top networks, trading desks, and DSPs, all competing for your inventory.

Google of course has excellent analytics and reporting. DFP can automatically email reports on campaign progress to your advertising partners, allowing you and your partners to be on the same page.

Key Features:

  • Video Pre-Rolls
  • Companion Banners
  • Simple Implementation


Generate revenue for your on-demand content using TargetSpot with our VAST compliant SGplayer. TargetSpot provides client side delivery of audio ads. Using our SGplayer, you can monetize on-demand audio content by playing pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll audio ads.

The SGplayer uses your TargetSpot account to pull audio ads at preset distances throughout the on-demand content. You get to decide how many ads you want the listener to hear. This integration does not require server-side stitching, making it a simpler solution.

Know how many impressions your ads received directly from SGplayer, instead of listeners accessing content directly.

Key Features:

  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll Ads
  • Ad rolls at your desired interval
  • No server-side work necessary