Technical Support

We are available 24/7 for your Support needs, so feel free to reach out!

For Support and Help, please follow the following procedures for best response. Here at StreamGuys, we have three main methods for requesting support:

Ticketing System

Start by submitting a ticket to our support system, here

You will need to register as a user the first time you use the support system. After you are registered, you can simply email

To check the status of a ticket, please click here.

Live Chat

If you prefer, initiate a live chat with a support technician by clicking the button below.

By Phone

Speak with our Support Team; It's just a call away.

  • Toll free: (877)287-2938 x3
  • International: (707)667-9479 x3

StreamGuys Status

Visit for current service availability. Subscribe to alerts for push notifications when issues are detected, updated, and resolved.


Please refer here for our frequently asked questions.


If you are experiencing problems with your stream or need help setting up your encoder, take a look at our knowledgebase. Many common questions and answers are provided here.

Network Performance Utilities

Speed Test

It's a great idea to test the upload and download speed of your internet connection. The following links will test the speed from your location to our network. Run the MySpeed test from the location your service is located.


Provides a visual traceroute of your connection to StreamGuys servers. Run the MyRoute test from the location your service is located.