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Posted in Partners on Aug 26, 2014

Scottsdale, AZ/Bayside CA August 25th, 2014 - Orban, SCMS, Jampro, DaySequerra, BW Broadcast, and StreamGuys announce the formation of a new mutually owned entity known as Broadcast Industry Group, or “BIG”. The purpose of BIG is to promote the consolidation of key manufacturers and service providers in the broadcast industry. All of the founding members are equal owners and will be on the Board of Directors of this industry advancement group. The first priority of Broadcast Industry Group (BIG) will be to consolidate sales, marketing, and promotions. A larger, united presence will be on display at trade shows, SBE activities, local and state broadcast group meetings, and other broadcast industry events. Orban CEO and President C. Jayson Brentlinger stated, “For over a year I have been working with the largest names in the broadcast manufacturing industry to start the process of industry consolidation. Broadcasters are standing on the threshold of change both from new and emerging technologies, and in the way mobile media is viewed and delivered. The broadcast industry and media content providers must reshape our industry, while remaining profitable in the face of growing competition and meeting the demands of new media trends.”

SCMS President Bob Cauthen said, “On the ownership side, the broadcast industry has been changing for years. This is a very mature industry. However, it is also still exciting and lucrative. In order for equipment manufacturers and service companies to continue to grow, we must be engaged, innovative, and be proactive. Consortiums, mergers, and acquisitions are inevitable and will be more common in the next decade. Recently, a number of organizations affiliated with broadcasters, such as Nielson and Arbitron, have either merged or have become part of a consortium. SCMS remains privately owned, and we’ve enjoyed serving this industry for 38 years while providing excellent customer service and maintaining profitability. We plan to continue such positive growth. Being a part of a strong consortium of leading companies in our industry is a smart step in that direction. We intend to be a significant part of their sales and marketing efforts.”

President of Jampro Antennas for Radio and TV Alex Perchevitch stated, “As the industry continues to evolve, we too as suppliers need to adapt to the market and needs of our customers. We believe through establishing BIG and increasing our marketing and sales potential we can better serve the industry and our effectiveness in the various markets.”

President of DaySequerra David Day added, "As many of you know, we have been actively looking to be part of a consolidation in this broadcast space, and BIG is the right combination of companies and talent at the right time to form a symbiotic consortium. We believe the ROI (return on investment) for this effort is tangible and we’re excited to get started."

CEO of BW Broadcast Scott Incz said, "We manufacture quality broadcast products and are headquartered in Croydon, UK. We are privileged to have been invited to the BIG family, and we hope it will be just that. Not only do the BW products complement that of the other members, but we hope to use our unique position of being in Europe to further the group’s interests, both here in the UK, in the EU, and equally around the world. Exciting times are ahead for broadcasting!”

Kiriki Delany President of StreamGuys stated: “This is an opportune time to be invited to join all of the BIG founding members in advancing and promoting new technologies of content delivery for a new generation of consumers.”

Brentlinger concluded: “We spent several months meeting and researching various companies to determine who would strategically fit. All of our founding members and their respective companies were carefully selected to be a part of our industry advancement group for the synergies each company provides. Ultimately the end goal of our group is the consolidation of our mutually exclusive companies into one large company which will be owned and managed by all of the founding members, and we are looking forward to getting started with the current collective sales and marketing effort at hand.We will continue to seek out only the highest quality manufacturers and service providers to join our exclusive group.”

All of the founding member companies are mutually exclusive operations, and currently there has been no consolidation or merger of the independent operations. Members of BIG will continue to operate as they always have, and BIG will work to enhance their service opportunities within the broadcast industry.

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For further information contact: Jay Brentlinger, 480.403.8300

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