StreamGuys, Inc. Introduces RevenueStream Subscription Service

Posted in Announcement on Sep 02, 2008

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, September 2, 2008 – StreamGuys, Inc., a streaming media and content delivery provider based in northern California, announces RevenueStream, a new subscription-based service available to broadcasters and service providers who wish to offer premium audio and video content over the internet. RevenueStream allows broadcasters and service providers to monetize programming over the web in lieu of an ad-supported model, delivering first-rate content at premium quality. For the RevenueStream service, StreamGuys currently supports Windows Media audio/video and Icecast mp3 audio, with QuickTime and Wowza-enabled Flash audio and video support in the works. StreamGuys can enable subscription controls for existing streams or launch a completely new service, using its existing aggregated server infrastructure to provide a robust streaming platform for global internet delivery.

Designed as a professional service, RevenueStream delivers a higher-quality and more secure stream than what is possible with amateur streaming services and websites. The vast streaming capacity available through the StreamGuys server infrastructure also ensures that clients are provided additional space during large bursts of traffic or popular live events.

“RevenueStream is ideal for broadcasters and service providers migrating to the professional streaming world from more amateur platforms who are seeking to generate revenue streams outside of the traditional advertising model,” said Nicholas Harris, Senior Technician for StreamGuys, Inc. “The secure nature of the RevenueStream service, with its password protection and direct connection to the StreamGuys server architecture, also ensures that subscription content is blocked from those who have not purchased the service.”

The subscription model is especially valuable for broadcasters and service providers that offer interesting or unique programming targeted to a new or existing audience. Current StreamGuys clients can easily convert existing streams into subscription models using the RevenueStream service, or launch new subscription-based streams alongside existing free content. StreamGuys can also configure both lowand high-bandwidth streams in the event that certain subscribers do not have access to a broadband connection.

Broadcasters and service providers can manage the RevenueStream service manually through a web interface to the StreamGuys infrastructure that provides billing, password and other information; or through an automated system that interfaces with Paypal, allowing subscribers to sign up for the service with automatic billing.

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