StreamGuys, Barix and MOH Technologies Unveil IP-Based Ad Insertion

Posted in Partners on Feb 26, 2008

LAS VEGAS, February 26, 2008 — The influence of point-of-purchase advertising in retail continues to flourish with the advancement of audio and video digital distribution technologies and platforms. At this year’s Digital Signage Expo, Barix AG of Switzerland; StreamGuys, Inc. of northern California; and MOH Technologies AG, a partner of Barix AG; will team to unveil the first customizable, IP-based platform for localized ad insertion in point-to-multipoint audio streaming networks. Visitors to the 2008 Digital Signage Expo can learn more about the project at the Barix booth. (Las Vegas Convention Center, February 27-28, Booth #260). Far less expensive then satellite-based platforms, the scalable solution allows retailers, restaurant chains and other organizations to localize in-store advertising within a high-quality audio stream. Using simple, standard pull down menus, customers can upload their advertisement library and assign destination sites using the robust server interface developed by StreamGuys. The uploaded advertisements are then scheduled via the same interface and assigned to any number of locations. Software from MOH Technologies, hosted by StreamGuys, receives the various advertisement triggers and inserts the relevant advertisement over the main music stream for playback at the assigned locations. A Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoder at each site receives and decodes the music stream for local playback. Multiple Exstreamers in one store allow retailers more flexibility to target different messaging in various departments.

“Satellite has long been the platform of choice for in-store audio, and while quite reliable it offers little in the form of customization,” said Barry Klein, Senior Sales Executive for StreamGuys, Inc. “Retail organizations with a multiple-market presence are increasingly seeking out in-store solutions that are not limited to a single content package. The StreamGuys/Barix/MOH Technologies ad insertion solution delivers music at high-quality, reliably over IP. The flexibility of the IP environment, adjoined with Barix decoding technology and MOH Technologies through our software interface, for the first time allows retailers and other organizations to target contact for specific markets and demographics.”

The scalable platform allows customers to add new store locations at convenience, simply by assigning the stream to Barix Exstreamers at the new locations over the StreamGuys interface. No synchronization of content with the devices is required for the streaming-only solution. At $195 U.S., the Barix Exstreamer offers an extremely cost-efficient platform for growing retail organizations as new stores or sites are opened and added to the in-store streaming network.

“The ability to initiate localized, real-time, server-based ad insertions not only improves flexibility, but also eliminates the possibility of delivering the wrong content to the wrong site,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and Founder of Barix AG. “Our devices communicate with the StreamGuys server that houses the entire advertisement library to ensure the correct advertisement is played back in the right stores at the right time. This is not only ideal for differentiating content in different markets, but also for targeting multi-lingual communities, and even different departments at a single location.”

“We are very pleased to team with our long-term partner, Barix AG, to deliver an innovative IP streaming solution to customers worldwide,” said Christoph Wirth, Director of MOH Technology AG.

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