Want to reach your Mobile Audience? Greetings!

The mobile Internet is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did, and many believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years!

StreamGuys can help you stay on top of this movement by enabling you to stream to all the most popular cell phones and mobile devices, either natively or by utilizing custom developed apps.

We Make Mobile Easy!

The proliferation of mobile devices is changing how streaming media is consumed. We have been streaming mobile since day one; meaning our years of experience are at your fingertips on the SG network. The guidance and support you receive from StreamGuys will help you provide a high quality user experience to your growing mobile audience while controlling bandwidth and infrastructure costs.

Video Broadcasters: Benefit from StreamGuys’ ability to “repackage” a single H.264 video source into the specific protocols supported for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Avoid having to encode in multiple formats.

Audio Broadcasters: Target iPhone/iPad, Android,Blackberry, and Windows Mobiles using a high fidelity, low bandwidth AAC/HE-AAC audio codec stream from StreamGuys.

As new phones, tablets, and cellular equipped car stereos come to market, StreamGuys will continue to stay ahead of the curve on the technical requirements and best practice techniques to support these new devices.

With knowledgable staff, scalable technology, and flexible service, StreamGuys can help you excel in this rapidly changing field.

Is your Stream Mobile Ready?

Your current stream with StreamGuys may already be natively supported by a number of mobile devices. Contact support@streamguys.com or call Toll Free: (877) 287 2938 x3 to find out more.

Streaming App Development

App-curious? Almost everyone realizes how much streaming apps have revolutionized the mobile market. If your organization is not utilizing this technology, it may be time to leverage the huge audience reach having an app provides.

StreamGuys works closely with many companies to offer your organization with this technology, hassle free and scaled for your budget. Contact sales@streamguys.com or call Toll Free: (877) 287 2938 x1 to find out more.

New Partnership Announcement: Broadband Bonding® live high quality, low-latency video streaming from the field with cellular aircards.

Streaming live video from a remote location, with high quality, high reliability and minimal latency is now easier than ever!

Mushroom Networks is a manufacturer of devices that can combine multiple cellular connections into a reliable, high-bandwidth internet connection.

Their Teleporter Remote Video Delivery System transports an video/ audio signal from a remote location to a headquarter location for live video streaming applications.

Teleporter is ideal for broadcasters from all sectors to stream live video remotely, with high quality, high reliability and very low latency. Please contact sales@streamguys.com or call Toll Free: (877) 287 2938 x1 for more information.