Google Actions developed by StreamGuys
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Google Actions are now available for your radio station!

Reach a larger audience and design a unique listening experience on Google Assistant enabled smart speakers.

With an ever expanding smart device market, ensure your listeners get the listening experience they deserve at home and on the go.

Our Google Actions include:

  • Live and On-Demand playback with optimal sound quality
  • Podcast navigation and playback
  • Personalized experience with your custom host-read welcome message
  • Including support for live stream metadata via SGmetadata to hear the latest song/program

Customize your Google Assistant experience now!

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What's next?

To create a new action simply send us the stream or podcast you would like to add to the assistant directory.

Our dedicated team will help you set up the perfect experience for your listeners.

Once we have got your action developed and tested appropriately, we'll submit the action to Google for approval.

This process can take a few days, most reviews are completed within 2 to 3 business days.

Once Google has approved the newly created action, it will become available to all Google assistant users

Once added to the assistant directory, your users will be able to enable your action on their device by simply using the vocal commands "Ok Google, talk to WMVU" or "Ok Google, Ask WMVU to listen live".