Unlimited Streaming

This plan is designed for:

  • Uncommited streaming limits.
  • Unexpected audience surges.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • Variable media requirements.

For unlimited user capacity, and a truly flexible streaming limit, we offer Unlimited Streaming Servers.

Initial Setup

No prior streaming experience is necessary. StreamGuys provides all the support required to ensure a successful start from pre-sales to setup.

We will give you the link to access your stream through the streaming server for placement on any web site.

Pricing Unlimited Streaming Channel
Audio Bitrates Decide how many users you would like to stream to at the same time, then choose the bitrate your streams require.
24kbps $2/user
56kbps $3/user
80kbps $4/user
128kbps $6/user
Storage If you need storage space, decide on how much you require. Add them together to determine your total cost.
50 MB $10/month
100MB $15/month
200MB $20/month
500MB $40/month
1GB $60/month
2GB $90/month
5GB $150/month
10GB $250/month
40GB $300/month
100GB $400/month
Video Bitrates If you are preparing for video streaming then we recommend these bitrates.
192kbps $10/user
256kbps $12/user
400kbps $18/user
544kbps $25/user
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The cost for an unlimited streaming channel is computed at the end of each monthly cycle.

The monthly cost is equal to the number of maximum peak users that the channel reached during that month.

The last month's payment is due upon setup. This will establish the maximum user capacity that you can burst to. This is a fully refundable fee based on actual usage.

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