StreamThru Applications:
  • Larger audience base.
  • Firewall friendly.
  • Professional stations.
StreamThru - Port 80 streaming: Don't let firewalls get between you and your audience. Stream through Port 80 and reach a wider audience.

Streaming over port 80 is one of the most significant tools that you can enable your station with.

By using StreamThru -- and gaining access to the port 80 audience-- you can expect more than a 20% increase in peak concurrency for StreamGuys broadcasters.

A dedicated IP and domain name are included.

Port 80 is the same port used to serve web sites. If your audience can browse the web, then they can access the content as well. You will not need to worry about LAN policies or corporate firewalls.

StreamThru Pricing StreamThru
Pricing $25/month per channel
Domain Name Choose a domain name you want
registered with the StreamThru setup.
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Initial Setup

We will set up the domain name and streaming account. We will also give you a link to access your stream through the streaming server for placement on any web site.

The URL will look like any domain name. Example:

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