Podcast Hosting

Suggested applications:

  • Video podcasting
  • Audio podcasting
  • RSS audio Feeds
  • Subscriber based content
  • Distributing original recordings

StreamGuys Podcast hosting service delivers Podcasts to your subscribers on demand, as scheduled by their favorite Podcast application.

We provide podcast hosting and support to publish your Podcast on your web site as an RSS feed.

Publishing and listing of Podcasts using theStreamGuide is included in your podcast hosting.

We deliver the Podcast to end users acting as the Internet "broadcast tower" eliminating bandwidth consumption and operating costs on your website and local network.

Podcast hosting includes:

  • FTP account for uploading your content
  • Scalable Podcast account
  • Easy publishing and listing of Podcasts using theStreamGuide
  • Support to publish your Podcast on your web site as an RSS feed

StreamGuys Network utilizes premium bandwidth and data centers to ensure global distribution and mission critical delivery.

Podcast Hosting Pricing Standard Pro
Setup No Charge No Charge
Retail Monthly $60 $100
Disk Space 400 MB 800 MB
Additional Processor Resources and Memory x
Additional Disk Space Call Call
Podcast Readers Supported
iTunes x x
Odeo x x
IpodderX x x
Any other compatible RSS audio reader. x x
Server Access
SSH Shell access / Remote Desktop x x
FTP access x x
Statistics (Log analyzer) Packages
SGreports ( Separate client license required) x x
Order Now Order Now

Take stock of your storage requirements. additional storage is available if required.

Then decide if you need a standard or pro podcasting account, depending on if you have a little or a lot of podcasts.

Bandwidth is billed at the end of the month based on your actual 95% peak bandwidth usage. This is an optimal billing option for podcasts because of the nature of podcast distribution. StreamGuys highly recommends 95% peak billing.

Podcast Server Notes:

  • Bandwidth is metered monthly.
  • IP's available as need. Must use 80% of allocated IP's
  • Nas backup server space available
  • We also offer Total Transer Per Month, and GigaByte Transfer options

Bandwidth Pricing - Metered 95% Peak Bandwidth

Commit Price / mbps Overage rate
1 mbps - (324 GByte/month) $50/mpbs $75/mbps
50mbps $46/mbps $55.20/mbps
100mbps $40/mbps $48/mbps
200mbps $34/mbps $40.80/mbps
300mbps+ Please call for rate card

Initial Setup

No prior Podcasting experience is necessary. StreamGuys provides all the support required to ensure a successful start from presales to setup.

We will give you the link to access your stream through the streaming server for placement on any web site.


After you have made your first podcast, we have easy tools and an online guide that you can start advertising your podcast in. Easy publishing and listing of your Podcasts using theStreamGuide <-- go there!

Lost? Click Here to chat with customer support. We speak your language, and are always available 24-7-365 to answer all of your streaming media questions.
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