Distributed Streaming Solutions

Applications and Benefits:
  • Internet TV stations -- 24/7 long-form content (live or pre-recorded).
  • Live events (sporting events, concerts, breaking news, live talk shows, etc.).
  • Custom designed online "TV" players incorporating your logo and brand.
  • Excellent QoS (Quality of Service).
  • Highly scalable.
  • Easy setup.
StreamGuys has partnered with Network Foundation Technologies (NFT), a leader in the online distributed broadcasting space, to provide the most affordable live streaming media delivery solution available anywhere.

NFT's revolutionary, patented technology, in partnership with StreamGuys' unprecedented commitment to customer support, combine to form a low-cost, high-quality, scalable solution for the online broadcasting of live and pre-recorded video. Whether you are broadcasting to 1000 or 500,000 viewers, our distributed broadcast solutions will help lower your broadcast costs while delivering excellent quality of service to your end-user viewers.

Network Foundation Technologies' NiFTy Online Television product dramatically reduces the cost of online broadcasting by spreading the costs of delivering a broadcast "thinly" throughout the network. NiFTy Online Television video players running on end-user computers use few CPU cycles and do not hog end-user bandwidth. NiFTy Online Television provides exceptional quality of service -- as viewers tune in to, and tune out, a broadcast, the underlying broadcast network uses that turnover to evolve towards ever more stable configurations. The result is a low-cost online distributed broadcast solution, with low impact on the end-user's computer system, that deliveries exceptional quality of service.

The NFT / StreamGuys distributed broadcast solution is available in two configurations:

Nifty Player
  • A low cost distributed assisted configuration. In this configuration a NiFTy Online Television distributed network is placed "in front of" a traditional unicast solution. Experience with satisfied customers has shown that this configuration can generally offload 40%-60% of total peak bandwidth onto the distributed side of the system, while ensuring that all potential viewers, including those connecting from behind corporate firewalls have access to the broadcast.
  • A fully distributed configuration is available for those broadcasters who are exceptionally price conscious (e.g., clubs, civic groups, high schools, etc.) . In this configuration the entire broadcast is delivered by a NiFTy Online Television distributed network. While such networks can support an unlimited number of viewers, the number of non-repeat capable viewers can not exceed 50% of the total audience size at any point in time. Thus, while this solution offers the ability to reach the largest audiences for the least possible cost, some potential viewers (such as those behind corporate firewalls and/or end-user who choose not to allow their computers to help rebroadcast the stream) may not be able to tune in to the broadcast.

Initial Setup

No prior streaming experience is necessary. StreamGuys provide all the support required to ensure a successful start from presales to setup.

We will give you a link to where your viewers can go to download your custom branded "TV" player. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions for installing the player are included on the download page.

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