Example Alerts:

  • Individual Streams/Webpages
  • Hardware (network connectivity, disc space, etc)
  • Contact us for custom alerts

Stuff happens, right? Use SGalerts and never get caught with your stream down!
Using StreamGuys' premier service, your stream is guaranteed up 100% of the time. Unfortunately, there is still the possibility that other parts of your production chain may drop from time to time. Stay on top of your business and monitor your encoder, live stream, or hardware with SGalerts, a new product from StreamGuys.

With SGalerts, you can have an email alert sent to you should your monitored service go down. You will also be sent another email once your service is back up and running. This allows you peace of mind when you or your staff are away from your studio or office.

SGalerts Pricing Retail Monthly
Single Service Check $10/month
Extra E-mail Address $5/month
Custom Designed Checks Call for Quote
SGalerts is currently available for:*
Windows Media Publishing x
Point or Server x
Shoutcast Server x
Icecast Publishing Point or Server x
Windows Media Encoder in Pull Method x
HTTP / IIS / Apache/ Any web server x
Any TCP / UDP / RTSP (variable ports ok) x
Free / Used Disk Space x
Ping Test / Host Alive x
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The SGalerts service costs $10/month, per service. Alerts are sent out via e-mail, with one custom contact included. Additional contacts can be added to the SGalerts service for a cost of $5/month, per contact. For mission critical services, StreamGuys support can also be notified of alerts.

*These are just some of the examples of services we can check

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