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StreamGuys customers can now earn money or credit referring business associates and friends to StreamGuys.

StreamGuys handles all installation, billing, and ongoing customer support. We do the work, you get the profit.

StreamGuys will make commission payments to Streaming Agent based on the following payment schedule:

Commission Periods Payment Date
1/1 through 2/28 Paid end of month April
3/1 through 4/30 Paid end of month June
5/1 through 6/30 Paid end of month August
7/1 through 8/31 Paid end of month October
9/1 through 10/31 Paid end of month December
11/1 through 12/31 Paid end of month February
Number of Accounts Base Commission
1-50 5%
51+ 7%

1. Start by collecting 5% of monthly service charges for every customer who purchases StreamGuys services through your referral. As your account volume increases, so does your commission.*

2. As long as the customer remains with StreamGuys and you stay in the program, you'll continue to receive a commission check based on the customer's account. It's that simple.

For Example: If a referred customer signs up for $1000 worth of services the referrer receives a commission of $50. As long as the referred customers maintains an account with StreamGuys the referrer will receive a 5% commission.

*There is a $100 minimum commission size before payment is issued.

To become a Streaming Agent please fill out our Referral Agreement.

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