aacPlus logoWhat is aacPlus?

aacPlus Applications:
  • 3G and WiFi Audio and A/V services.
  • Internet audio for streaming and download.
  • Digital Radio.
  • Digital Satellite and Cable.
  • Portable players.
aacPlus is one of the best sounding audio codecs around. Brought to you by the same folks that made mp3pro, aacPlus raises the bar for audio compression again.

In conjunction with Orban and Coding Technologies Streamguys now offers this format for streaming audiophiles.

Encoders from Orban are available for purchase directly through StreamGuys.

Now standardized as MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC, aacPlus is the combination of MPEG AAC and Coding Technologies' SBR (Spectral Band Replication) technology. This combination increases the efficiency of MPEG AAC by up to the factor of two. As a result, aacPlus delivers streaming and download 5.1 surround at 128Kbps, CD-quality stereo at 48 kbps and excellent quality stereo at 32 kbps. This level of efficiency fundamentally enables new applications in the markets of mobile, Internet, and digital broadcast.

aacPlus builds on a strong heritage in digital radio applications and reaches out into television broadcast, mobile audio, and Internet content distribution. First class references like XM Satellite Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale show how the coding efficiency and error resilience of aacPlus makes it the premier choice for bandwidth constrained applications.

The value of aacPlus has been demonstrated by multiple 3rd party tests. In careful double-blind listening tests conducted by Digital Radio Mondiale, MPEG, and the European Broadcasting Union, aacPlus outperformed all other codecs in the competition.

aacPlus Properties:
  • A Superset of both MPEG AAC
    and MPEG High Efficiency AAC.
  • Multichannel support for 5.1,
    7.1 and beyond (48 channels total).
  • Built-in error concealment
    for mobile applications.
  • CD-quality stereo down to 48Kbps.
  • Widest available audio bandwidth.
  • Parametric stereo down to 20Kbps.
  • Optimized speech, mixed
    speech/music down to 8Kbps mono.

Below is the results graph from the European Broadcasting Union testing at 48Kbps stereo.

aacPlus demo

Supported Platforms

Encoders: Win32, Linux, MacOS X, TI, Motorola, other DSPs.
Decoders: Win32, Linux, MacOS X, ARM, TI, NEC, STMicroelectronics, Trimedia, other DSPs.

StreamGuys uses Orban encoders to deliver aacPlus streams. We distribute the encoders directly. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Please call (707) 667-9479 or toll free (877) 287-2938

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Technical White Papers, for Audio Engineers:
aacPlus Audio Comparison Guide
aaPlus Technical Specifications.

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