VM's - Virtual Machines

This service plan is designed for:

  • Efficiency and scale.
  • Live & on-demand streaming.
  • Aggregate billing.
  • Best of breed Dedicated Servers.
  • Backup / Snapshots
  • Cloning / Templates
  • 10 gigabit Networking
  • High Availability

A StreamGuys VM is a versatile hosting platform based on hypervisor based virtualization allowing efficient and scalable use of resources like CPU, RAM, DISK, and NETWORK.

What can I do with a VM?

A VM looks and behaves like any dedicated server, AND it provides a more flexible approach to hardware and physical components. The VM features unmatched reliability, security, and flexibility in a dedicated server environment. Feel free to pick the solution of your choice: streaming media, podcasting, video distribution, or even web development. StreamGuys builds and deploys your VM to our customers specification, meeting exacting standards of quality.

What makes a VM the most economical choice?

Flexibility and aggregate bandwidth billing does. Because a VM is a dedicated server capable of hosting multiple channels, applications, and projects under one unified system. The scale is very flexible allowing upgrades and downgrades to the services. Bandwidth is billed on the 95% peak percentile. We discard the top 36 hours of your traffic per month, so you're not penalized for a short amount of burst. This flexibility allows you to broadcast multiple channels and be billed as an aggregate of all services.

VM Features
Guest Operating System Support
Apple Mac OS X
Oracle (Sun) Solaris
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Ubuntu Linux
Windows Server
Streaming Formats Supported
Silverlight / WMS Silverlight Server Icon
Wowza Server Wowza Server Icon
Quick Time Server Quick Time Server Icon
ShoutCast MP3 Server ShoutCast MP3 Server Icon
IceCast MP3 Server IceCast MP3 Server Icon
RealServer RealServer Icon
Other Distribtion Types
HTTP/ Progressive Downloads
File Serving and Downloads
Apache / Lighttpd / Nginx
Server Access
FTP Access
SSH Shell Access
Remote Desktop (Windows)
Statistics (Log Analyzer) Packages
(separate client license required)

VM Notes:

  • Bandwidth is metered monthly.
  • IP's available as needed. Must use 80% of allocated IP's.
  • Metered 95% Peak Bandwidth, Total Transfer Per Month, and GigaByte Transfer options.
Dell PowerEdge C6220

Example Hypervisor Specifications: Dell PowerEdge C6220

Dell PowerEdge R710

Example Hypervisor Specifications: Dell PowerEdge R710

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