StreamGuys Colo Services:

StreamGuys Colocation services combines mission critical networks, world class data centers and expert technical support to provide the best Colocation services available.

Many customers choose to purchase their own equipment and have it colocated within our facilities. We still fully manage all of your services, but you get the added benefit of low monthly overhead.

If you have the need to stream mixed media formats, manage content remotely, or want to house your own hardware on our networks, this is the solution for you.

StreamGuys also sells servers directly. Our pricing is very competitive. Please contact us for up-to-date quotes. We offer custom servers in any configuration.

What makes colocation with StreamGuys the most economical choice?

Flexibility and aggregate bandwidth billing does. Bandwidth is billed on the 95% peak percentile. We discard the top 36 hours of your traffic per month, so your not penalized for a short amount of burst. This flexibility allows you to manage your services how you see fit, and be billed for what you use exactly. Colocation is based on how many Rack Units (RU) your servers are. Bandwidth is billed at the end of the month based on your actual 95% usage.

Colocation Pricing 1 RU 2 RU 3 RU 4 RU
Colocation Rack Units $150/Month $200/Month $250/Month $300/Month
Full Rack & 1/2 Racks
Full Rack Please Call Please Call Please Call Please Call
1/2 Rack Please Call Please Call Please Call Please Call
Port (required)
100/1000 mbps Port x x x x
Web-dispatched Reboot Capability $25/Month $25/Month $25/Month $25/Month
Basic Management
(1 hr per Month
$60/Month $60/Month $60/Month $60/Month
Extended Managemnt
(5 hrs. per month)
$250/Month $250/Month $250/Month $250/Month
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Colocation Notes

  • Bandwidth is metered monthly
  • IP's available as needed. Must use 80% of allocated IP's
  • All colocation includes real-time ports statistics
  • NAS backup available
  • Metered 95% Peak Bandwidth, Total Transfer Per Month, and GigaByte Transfer options.
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