StreamGuys, "Your Internet Media Partner."

Who We Are

The beginnings of StreamGuys.

In 2000, StreamGuys began; two guys, a laptop, two cats and a fig tree. We came to answer the call; broadcasters needed help finding quality and affordable streaming providers.

In steps StreamGuys; we set out to build the best streaming company possible. We knew that as in any service industry customer support would be a pillar of our company. So we staffed StreamGuys with the friendliest and most professional people possible, experienced leaders with a vision for the future.

We knew that our broadcasters needed to make a profit from their streaming media. So we offered services that broadcasters could afford, and more importantly, generate revenue from. We knew that quality of service is all important in a 24/7 industry, so we built a better streaming network by working with the best people and companies in the industry.

Affordable, Reliable, Scalable.....became our mantra, a rallying cry we chant loudly.

In 2004 StreamGuys achieved a milestone and was ranked as the #2 CDN as rated by Arbitron. Today we welcome you to join the StreamGuys community and begin a lasting relationship with a streaming provider that will take care of your company.

StreamGuys are friendly and expert professionals here to help your business succeed. We exist to provide you with the experience, tools and resources to successfully plan, promote, and deliver successful IP media for large and small businesses.

.....Oh yeah, the fig tree's getting fatter, and the cats are too.

What We Do

We distribute streaming media on the internet. Acting as the "broadcast tower" for audio and video content we broadcast your content to your audience. We distribute live and on-demand video and audio content, podcasting, subscription systems, and protected content.

Why StreamGuys?

Experience and Quality Service

StreamGuys aim to provide the best service possible. To do this we have assembled a team of highly qualified, highly skilled, professional and friendly people.

The members of StreamGuys have been internet media professionals and educators since the streaming industries inception in the mid-1990's. Our knowledge base and guidance will ensure that your organization always gets the most out of the rapidly changing internet media market.

Cost and ROI

Working with StreamGuys gives you the confidence of industry leading expertise and content delivery infrastructure, without the liabilities and capital investment required to achieve the same results yourself. By using StreamGuys, many of our clients have experienced significant savings over their traditional "in-house" solution. Our combination of customer service and cost efficiency gives our broadcasters the greatest Return on Investment available.


StreamGuys has developed a premium network for broadcasters that require mission-critical services. StreamGuys' network utilizes multiple top quality tier 1 providers to ensure high speed, global distribution and mission critical delivery. Our network has the redundancy and engineering to virtually eliminate downtime. StreamGuys offers a 100% network guarantee and around the clock expert emergency support.

StreamGuys has consistently chosen to improve our offerings by adding premium network providers, rather than using low cost leaders. It is this investment in service quality that gives StreamGuys' clientele the best and most robust quality connection available.


As one of the largest and fastest growing networks, StreamGuys empowers you to simply and effectively scale your service as your need dictates. Our services allows both small and large broadcasters to begin services at an appropriate level. We allow you to bypass the fixed costs typically associated with scaling up or back your delivery needs.

The StreamGuys Solution

StreamGuys offers buyers the most cost effective, professional grade streaming services available. Importantly, all of our services come with expert one on one customer support and on-call emergency support.

StreamGuys has economical and scalable solutions for live and on-demand streaming services, dedicated servers and premium bandwidth services. StreamGuys has saved many companies literally thousands of dollars per year by switching to StreamGuys.

Customer Service:

Customer service is key to the success of any internet broadcaster. StreamGuys provides key management and support so the broadcaster can focus on what they do best; producing great content.

We work with all of our clients on an individual basis. Customers receive a live account manager who personally knows their account. We work together with our clients at all levels of the service, from the initial consultation, to technical setup, to continued support on a daily basis. Clients are encouraged to call or e-mail as often as they require. Our customer support has been highly lauded by our clientele and we consider this as one of the critical components of our service offering.


StreamGuys supports all the major media formats including Mp3, AACPlus. QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Media, ShoutCast and IceCast.

Fully managed Live and On-Demand Media Channels
Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated Server products
Turnkey subscription and pay per view based streaming products
Streaming statistics packages
Streaming encoders

Who We Help

We help support leading organizations with superior media applications in a wide range of industries:


  • Traditional Commercial TV and Radio
  • Traditional Community/Public/National based TV and Radio
  • Internet Only Radio and TV/Video,
  • Multimedia and Content Producers
  • Diaspora and International Media Outlets
  • Corporate, Government, Non Governmental Organizations and Foundations

Media Applications

  • Mission Critical, Global: Media Hosting and Delivery Services
  • Mission Critical, Global: IDC, Server Colocation, Bulk Bandwidth Services
  • Internet Media Consultation: Planning, Implementation, and Feasibility Consultation
  • Digital Rights Management and Subscription Solutions
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Audience Measurement and Ranking services
  • Audience Driving/Development Tools and Services
  • Ad Placement/Sales Tools and Services
  • Streaming Media Reselling and Affiliate services for value added technology providers
  • Corporate /NGO/Governmental communication
  • Audio/Video Internet Presentations, Training and Addresses

Contact us to help determine your specific requirements, start a test, and take advantage of our consultation services.

Sales: 707.667.9479 x1

General Information: 707.667.9479


We felt it was important to leave you with some comments from some of our customers. Demonstrating the commitment to our clients and giving you some general feedback about our services.

"Your streaming service impressed all who participated in the project demonstrations as well as those who were there to watch. It was a pleasure doing business with your company and we look forward to using it again next time we have the need. Thank you for all your help and courteous service."

- Stephanie A. Morgan, Contracts Administrator, SYS Technologies

"StreamGuys is the perfect fit for us--economical, scalable, and best of all, REACHABLE. Got questions? They've got answers--without excuses. Even though we're a small account, we've always been treated in a first-class manner."

- Ken Siebert, New Media Manager, Yellowstone Public Radio

"We have been using StreamGuys streaming services for over two years and have been constantly impressed by their overall service quality. The constant advice and backup provided by StreamGuys has been a breathe of fresh air. Well done on being so reliable and so cost effective. A rare combination!"

- Jeff Cooper, Managing Director Radio2XS Ltd

"What I'm most impressed with thus far is your customer service. I'm not especially computer savvy, but your tech guy took the time to walk me through the process...every step of the way. And instead of the 48-hour turnaround time that you promised (which I thought was probably going to be an unreliable estimate), we were actually up and running within three hours from the time that I ordered the product. There's been zero downtime and so far we're very impressed."

- Jeffrey M. Andrulonis, CRMC, President/CEO Colonial Radio Group, Inc.

"How's my service? A dream come true. I am 100% satisfied. Switching to you guys has been the best thing to happen to my show. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again, you guys are GREAT, I wouldn't trade you for a free server!"

- Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show

"StreamGuys has been rock solid from day one. The services you provide and customer support are top notch. You're a pleasure to work with!"

- Bill Swersey, Director of Interactive Media WNYC, New York Public Radio WNYC

"Your team bent over backwards to get us up and running on your server (special login programming, billing adjustments, and the great streaming quality our users have been receiving.) Both your enthusiasm and patience was invaluable in making this happen. Thanks Guys!"

- Peter Anich - Head of Programming and Production,

"I have been doing this on-line program for seven years. We've had issues for many reasons, and I've contacted and dealt with technicians from around the world. I have never had such a pleasant experience as I had with SG Technical Support."

- Eileen Frost - Program Administrator, David Winston's Center For Herbal Studies

"It was great to be able to count on you guys as this story broke. The stream worked great and your team's response was fantastic."

- John Davidow - WBUR - After Boston Marathon Bombing

"StreamGuys' willingness to take us on when we were a fledging organization with tiny streaming needs allowed us to get started and grow into an online archive nearly 3,000 items strong."

- Megan Peck, Digital Librarian, Texas Archive of the Moving Image,

"When we began, StreamGuys was clearly the only CDN service provider that could build their offering around our business model. Other CDNs tried to have us change our model to suit their service offerings. StreamGuys has since become an integral part of our technology platform and support services for our medical clients."

- Mark Sangster, President & CEO, Hendrik

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